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Astute Technology Solutions (ATS) staff have many years of experience developing reports. We can extrapolate data from most databases and formulate it into a way that management can understand and use for decision making. Business Intelligence (BI) is essential to the success of all organizations. ATS is experienced in using BI to help companies achieve a competitive advantage over the competition. Reports are essential in the success of BI. A company must be able to make informed decisions regarding today and the future. 

ATS can create specific reports for your company based upon your needs. We utilize SQL and Microsoft Query in most applications to create detailed spreadsheets and graphs, which you can then use to make informed decisions. Perhaps you need a financial report, a marketing report, or a production report. ATS can assist you in creating reporting functionality within your organization. We can also train your users to make small changes in case you wish for the report to show some data in a slightly different manner. Our knowledge of accounting, marketing, business, and information technology creates a unique skill set to assist you in becoming a more efficient and productive organization. 

ATS can also help you to create PDF fillable forms. We can take basic word or pdf documents and create forms which would allow your clients or customers to fill in the fields and digitally sign the documents. Contact us today for pricing.

Report Writing