Our Cost structure is very basic. Our charges our based upon your number of servers and workstations.

  • $100 per server ($900 value)
  • $100 per workstation ($200 value)


Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

  • Unlimited Tech Support
  • Monitoring of all devices on the network
  • Help Desk System to facilitate ticketing system
  • Free Antivirus (optional)
  • Free Web Content Filtering (optional) 
  • ​Free Backup! (optional) 
  • Development of IT Strategic Plan (delivered within first 3 months)
  • Quarterly meeting to discuss IT plan/needs
  • ​All purchases will be billed at a 10% discount (if possible)

CTS Plan (12 month contract required)

Companies should focus on its core business. For instance, if you are a medical practice, you should be focusing on your medical care of your patients. Most businesses do not have the time or need to hire a full time IT person or team to facilitate its IT needs. This is where Astute Technology Solutions can help!

We can offer you our Complete Technology Support (CTS) package. The CTS package allows you to focus on what you do best and allows us to take care of your technology needs. We have the staff and expertise to make sure your computer network is working optimally.

Every minute your computer network is not working proficiently, your company is losing money. We are here to alleviate the frustration and stress. Our CTS program allows you to pay a monthly fee and we take care of your entire network and you never pay another dime for labor. Below is what the plan includes:

Complete Technology Support